Privacy Policy

1. Why Choose DFISHOP?

All our products are brand new, sealed and of the latest batches. All Bulk Orders are processed with High Priority and utmost care.

2. Shipping Services for "Bulk Order"

We offer various shipping options to meet with your demand and time limit.


For orders upto 200 kgs, delivery maximum within 5-7 days, excluding clerance delay if any.


Cheapest method for large order. The best method to ensure lowest product cost. Delivery time 30-60 days.

3. Quality Service Guarantee

We want to make sure that whatever you get from us comes in perfect and pristine condition and as quickly as possible. All orders are packaged in bubble wrap material first and then in their respective external packaging bag / box.

4. Minimum Quantities To Qualify For Wholesale Pricing

The DFIshop web store is configured to reduce pricing of products consistently as the quantity increases upto a 12 units per product order.
To qualify for wholesale pricing, we require that a buyer purchases a minimum of 500 units of our products. All wholesale orders have to be manually configured and in our web store. Please contact us with your detailed requirements for wholesale orders in advance so that we may prepare them for online purchase.

5. Contact Us

Please visit our Contact Us page and find out ways to get in touch with us.