Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to place an order if I am not registered?

Please find the attached Step-By-Step guide for placing an order -


***Note: The payment button at the bottom of the payment page will be enabled only once you enter and save your profile and address data. So make sure to click on "Save" button for enabling the payment button.

2. Are These Products New?

All our products are brand new, sealed and of the latest batches. We try our best to send you products which have a very high expiry date so that you can use the products for a very long time.

3. Are The Products In Stock?

We maintain one of the largest inventories for the products that we have in our store. We have over 2000+ products in our web store. Sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances, certain products do go out of stock, and there may be chances that they are still available for purchase online. Should we receive an order for a product which is currently out of stock, we will then try to arrange that product for you within 48 hours maximum. In an event wherein we are unable to procure the product for you, we will initiate a full refund for your order within the same 48 hours time period.

4. Do You Offer A Guarantee?

All our products are covered under our 30 Days unconditional Money Back Guarantee. To learn more about our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, visit the Terms & Conditions page.

5. How Long Does It Take For My Order To Arrive?

All orders are packages and shipped with care from India. Please visit our Shipping & Delivery Information page to learn when you will receive your order.

6. My Address Was Wrong And You Already Shipped My Item. Now What?

Once your order leaves our office, there is no way we can stop it. Upon it becoming un-deliverable, it will be returned to us. Once it reaches us, we will contact you. You will have to pay additional shipping charges to have it shipped back to you again.

7. How Do I Return My Order?

For any reason if you are not happy with your purchase, we offer an unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Please contact us for the return address and return procedures. Please visit the Contact Us page to know more about how to contact us.

8. Are The Products Vegetarian??

Most of our products are 100% vegetarian and have never been tested on Animals. Certain products do contain gelatin as the base for the capsules used. You can contact us for the products that you wish to get checked, and we will be glad to forward you this information.

9. Do You Ship To P.O. Box / APO / FPO Addresses??

Yes, we ship our products worldwide. Delivery time to such addresses may experience a slight delay. This is due to the worldwide general post office delivery terms as such addresses are treated differently.

10. How Do I Pay For My Orders?

We offer many payment options. These are updated from time to time. Please visit our Payment Information page for further details.

11. Will I Have To Pay Customs Duty & Taxes On My Shipments?

Please read our note on Sales Tax, VAT & Customs duties on the Terms & Conditions page.